Friday, 14 January 2011

Textual analysis on Sun newspaper advert

1. How does the advert use codes and conventions to appeal to its audience?
The advert uses codes and conventions to appeal to its audience through the usage of humour. The advert shows that the Sun newspaper is better because it is a print based format. The advert appeals to the target audience because it shows celebs on few of the pages. What the audience expect to see from this advert is how the newspaper is shown as better than technology. The advert isn’t long and shows specific parts that grab the attention of the viewer. It has a close up of the newspaper to show that the advert is going to be about this specific item. Also we then see that the newspaper gets unfolded to reveal the whole newspaper. We then see the logo of the newspaper which is the sun and then it turns the page to then focus on an image of Simon cowl, the page then opens out to a double page spread and the voice over explains how the view is full size showing the full image. It then shows how the newspaper is similar to the IPhone through showing the Sudoku. The usage of the voiceover and the hand gestures throughout the advert keeps the audience’s attention in order to keep watching and find out more about what is shown to be better than today’s technology for example the IPhone. It also shows how the audience can get a full screen display and no reception would be lost when the voiceover explains this we as the target audience immediately stay interested in the advert because the description is persuasive in explaining how its better.  
2. How is new technology represented in advertisements?
Technology is being represented as something not as good as the print format. The advert makes a joke out of technology such as the IPhone by saying how with the newspaper you get a full retina display on a much bigger screen but in this instance it’s a full page view. Also the voiceover is explaining certain things about the sun newspaper such as the newspaper being thin, the voiceover is also shown in the IPhone advert and also the hand gestures that are shown in the advert for the newspaper are also shown in the IPhone advert. The voiceover explains how the newspaper can be shared with anyone and that it can be put back together as one whole piece of news, furthermore we get shown that the newspaper won’t ever lose reception like technology seems to do in some cases. The advert is trying to show how the print format is also good to have as it can do the same as what technology can do. We get told that through the use of technology you can’t physically turn the page of a newspaper whereas the use of a print format you get the real feeling of turning the page.  Today’s technology is represented as a bad thing because people want to be able to turn the page of the newspaper rather than touching the screen in order to turn the page. By comparing the newspaper to technology shows that in some cases the newspaper (print format) does the same.
3. What does the advertisement tell you about the values and ideologies of the sun newspaper?
The advertisement tells me that the ideologies are represented as dominant because it shows institutions name throughout the advert as the newspaper is the sun and this is the institutions name. Also that another ideology can be alternative because it appeals to both male and female readers. The advertisement tells me that the values of the sun newspaper are good because it appeals to its target audience and grabs the reader attention through the use of images and bold text. Also the sun institution has good values because they appeal to a range of audiences this shows that the sun as an institution know their audience and know what they expect to see from the advert. The advertisement of the sun newspaper tells me that the ideologies are important because in order to generalise specific things in the advert that appeal to it;s audience they have to know who should be shown more of in order to show whether the ideologies are dominant or alternative. In this case the ideologies are both shown because they advert shows both females and males such as Rihanna and Simon Cowl. In the advert the newspaper shows football, celebs, and games such as Sudoku this is for both men and women. The image of Rihanna appeals to both men and women because some females aspire to be like her or see her as a role model and men can appeal to her because they might like her and because she is pretty and could see her as a sex object. The use of having young celebrities shown in the newspaper gives the impression that the audience is young and can be quite old as well.
4. How does the advertisement appeal to its audience?
The advertisement of the sun newspaper appeals to its target audience because I have identified that the age range for this newspaper and advert is aimed at 16-4o year olds. As it shows celebrities of both a young age range and an older age range such as Rihanna is young and Simon Cowl is quite old. Also the demographics of the target audience would be living in the city and that they like the busy life also that they could always be on the go. The target audience that this advertisement appeals to can be both males and females as they are both represented throughout the advert by showing males and females in the newspaper. The social economic groups that the advertisement and the products would appeal to would be social classes C2, D and E because the younger audience would be students and are therefore are unemployed. The C2 class would appeal to this because they are slightly older and are employed earning a reasonable amount of money and therefore can afford to buy this newspaper and can relate to it. However the classes D and E can appeal to this newspaper and its advertisement because it has information in side it that the older target audience can relate to such as the main news stories that are inside. By having sports pages in the newspaper at the back shows that the male target audience are separated from the female target audience as the males have sports pages at the back of the newspaper and the females have gossip and celebrity based stories and information at the front. This shows that the advertise is appealing to both genders as the newspaper caters for both target audiences.

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